About us

Gord is trained in multiple construction trades and holds Engineering Technology designations. During his tenure in Heavy Industrial Construction he held multiple high level management positions but none were more important than the position he now holds within MATHPRO SOLUTIONS LTD.

Our young people are struggling to cope in an ever changing world of high technology and fast paced lifestyles where more is expected of them every day. One of the biggest challenges students face in school is math. Math is something you either get or you don’t, and if you don’t get it, school life is a real pain.

We have the technology at our finger tips to help people in educational endeavors, in the workplace, and in everyday life and that is why MATHPRO SOLUTIONS LTD. was created. Our goal is to develop easy to use calculators to solve mathematical problems that will not only produce correct answers but will also show the formulas used to obtain the answers. We will also provide formula breakdowns for all formulas required for each calculator to function (see example below).

h = sqrt(c² - (b² + c² - a² )² / (4 * b² ))
a = sqrt(h² + (b - sqrt(c² - h² ))² )
b = sqrt(a² - h² ) + sqrt(c² - h² )
c = sqrt(h² + (b - sqrt(a² - h² ))² )

Our first of many releases will deal with Trigonometry, Geometry and Polygons. When we complete these three (3) categories we will move on to other math related categories. The calculators are a great source of information and educational assistance.