Isosceles Triangle
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side length: a
base length: b
height: h
angle in degrees: β
height: ha
angle in degrees: θ
semiperimeter triangle: s
perimeter triangle: Pt
surface area triangle: SAt
radius of incircle: r
circumference incircle: Ci
surface area incircle: SAi
height: f
length: x
length: y
radius of circumcircle: R
distance between R & r centers: e
circumference circumcircle: Cc
surface area circumcircle: SAc
length: t
length: u
median length = h height: mb
median length: ma
length: xa
length: xb
height: xd
surface area - median: SA1
surface area - median: SA2
angle bisector length: ba
height - centroid: d
height - centroid: g